My Story

I wanted to take a moment to share “My Story” with you…so you know a little more about what kind of person I am, and what makes me Tick. I first got into Real Estate-kind of, by accident? Well, I say that…because of how and why the decision was made to get my license.

Let me start, however, by saying-the prompting came, first, after watching my Mom heal from a horrible head-on/chain re-action car accident that sent her flying through the windshield-but only after crushing her leg, and multiple bones on the dashboard first. And I do mean CRUSH…her leg was broken in 26 places-17 breaks, below the knee. Her skull was cracked from the top of her head, to the extreme tip of her nose-Ribs broken…you name it…. it wasn’t pretty.

She was told she would never walk “normally” again.

Chiropractors get a lot of flack…well, unless they are also and MD…but, regardless of this-I wanted to be a Chiropractor-because my Mother told me, that hers-saved her life. Not literally, of course-but in her mind-because through their treatment of her bones-and body, overall, she did regain her ability to walk-and better than ever. She swears/KNOWS she would never have healed the way she did-or as quickly as she did (body cast on for almost 9 months) without the specific treatment she received from the Chiropractor-not her MD, but her Chiropractor.

One day-after moving from Texas back to California-18 years old-not sure what I was going to do for a living, in the short term- I moved in with Sis…I was sitting on the couch that morning…she left for work that day-saying, you need to find a job-this isn’t a free ride. (My Father had passed away 2 years earlier-and I just couldn’t stay focused in my College Prep courses-) is partially why I moved back to California-I needed a change-and a new start. Texas was just too Hot and sticky.

SO…I got a newspaper…and turned on the TV…never made it to the Business section or the Want Ads…because of the Century 21 Commercial that came on…I thought it was a message from God-a prompting…because, how else was I going to put myself through Palmer Chiropractic School? A mere $175K to start (and that was in 1988)…and the rest is history…I was licensed in 3 ½ months-ready to roll!

While I could do without the Gold jacket…I was dedicated, and heck-I started in sales when I was in the first grade…selling the toys out of the cereal boxes for ice cream money…I could do this! And I did!

So grateful to say that through hard work and dedication-from the very start, getting my Real Estate license was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Open houses EVERY weekend-100 doors a week…and writing Thank you notes for everything under the sun-to everyone I met, from day one-and I have been in the top 5% of all Realtors, Nationwide, since 1996. God has truly Blessed me…I am grateful to call myself a Realtor today, so grateful…

27 years later…well, I obviously didn’t make it to Palmer Chiropractic School!

I found myself becoming truly passionate about my part in the RE transaction…that I was helping people, though not like my Mothers Chiropractor helped her…but, no less important…I was helping people in making one of the most important/expensive decisions one makes outside of marriage and/or having children, in their entire life.

Now, every day…I love what I do, and truly feel it matters-which is why and how I can be and am so passionate about becoming a partner to my client-when start to finish, of the process to buy or sell their home. There simply isn’t anything better than a smile on the face of a satisfied client…it is what I work for. True satisfaction and peace of mind for each and every person I work with, and for.