Wendi-Mae Davis, CRS, GRI, SRES

Has been serving her local Communities since 1989!

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911 May not be the best number to call! Do you know if your City or County has a different number for emergencies? Wanted to be sure the information I posted last week was updated and all that responded have all info. possible-AND that you read a response that came through from a citizen who works in EL Dorado County-who is a trusted source for information in regard to 911 calls-(in case you did not catch her response-here it is)

“Most cell phone towers in EDCO are programmed to be answered by CHP dispatch in Sac not Sac SO, about 30 towers in the more rural areas are programmed to come directly to EDSO. When you call 911 the answering agency receives latitude and longitude information, not so with 621-4911. If the caller is unable to speak due to illness or safety concerns the answering agency will have NO idea where you are calling from. 911 is always the best from a cell or landline.”

She went on to say-the 530 # is also good to use.. She brought up a VERY good point, which was not part of the Newscast-

what if you can’t talk? being able to use your cell and have the tower pick up on your location-is so important-no matter where your call is routed.

Not to confuse matters-I just heard more, about Placer County, will soon have a TEXTING 911 program (Rocklin will be first city to test the program) again, for people who are not able to speak, for whatever reason-this will be a good alternative.

Don’t want to tick off the authorities-for lack of a better way to put it-We don’t want to tie up these phone lines, unless necessary-but I now feel as though we need to call both 911 and 530-621-4911 if we are in an emergency situation-based on what I have learned…anyway-Just want to help when and where I can. That being said-311 is for non-Emergency calls-where assistance is needed…Blessings to you-today, and always!