Welcome to El Dorado Hills

Welcome Dave, Meg and Momma Margaret to El Dorado Hills!! So glad to have yet another family move up to our fine county from Santa Clara County / San Jose. SO AWESOME you will be able to use our Prop 90 Tax Transfer too! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve. From Clients […]

Congratulations to Sue and Bill!

They just bought a most beautiful 12 Acres in Pilot Hill…Build ready for their Retirement home! Check out the Sunset from the build site…oh and YEAH, a bit hard to see in this shot, but that’s Folsom Lake in the View, too! Don’t forget you invited me to the Pig Roast on Move-in Day!!!! 🙂 […]

Retire Comfortably with Extra Cash in the Bank! Prop 90 is it!

Retire comfortably with extra cash in the bank! Prop 90 is the answer! There is still time to do so, in El Dorado County! This may be all you need to know, to Secure your Financial Future! However, unfortunately, this is a LIMITED TIME OPPORTUNITY… Deadline is November 7th, 2018. Wouldn’t you like to live […]

Her Dream Home

Wait…what? Another Bay Area transplant you say?? YES and she has been calling this home built in 1920 HER DREAM HOME for almost a month and now, it’s hers! Congrats Gale on a wonderful choice for retirement!

Merry Christmas!

You know what they say about “the Company You keep?” Grateful to have been able to see my friends, Sarah Woods and Jeff Garcia get an award and “The Key to the City” of Folsom for their efforts of raising enough funds for food to feed more than 5000 Families this Holiday Season AND to […]

Welcome to El Dorado Hills

Welcome the Robertson Family to El Dorado Hills! Thank you for sharing this priceless photo of you and the girls. I look forward to many years of friendship AND I can’t wait to see your home after all the work is done! Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years yet! You sure did choose […]

Holiday Dinner & Light Show

Check this out! My dear friends Dennis & Julia put on a Holiday Dinner and “lights” partay, not to be missed…Let me just say, I’m glad you get a discount from PGE! Hello!!!! It took me so long to post this, as I had to come out of my sugar coma Sistah! WOWZA! I wish […]

Congratulations New Homeowners

Ok Roby & Melissa! I’m calling you out! Congratulations on the purchase of your beautiful home in Ridgeview Village, El Dorado Hills! Melissa and Roby just made the move from San Jose. Can’t seem to rope them down for a family photo in front of their beautiful home but at least they sent me this […]

Another Bay Area Transplant

Now this is what I am talking about…when you move up to “my country” you get a home and a park all in one! Another Bay area transplant that got to see their first family of Turkeys walk upon their land & Santa made it by tonight as well! Welcome Michele and Rick to Cameron […]

Honoring Our Veterans

The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their Nation.” President George Washington. Discover a special way to honor our troops this year: Raise your Flag, Give […]