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Bank of America short sales

Someone has to do something about some of these Lenders that have no clue how to get a home sold!!!  I am on month number 9 with B of A, and a first time buyer…the poor soul.  They first appraised the wrong house…how the heck does that happen?  Then they went ahead and approved the HUD statement…eventhough, they had foreclosed on the home 2 weeks Prior!  Guess what?  They didn’t even know they had foreclosed on the property, and told Title they were wrong-and held to that stance even when Title showed them the County records reporting on the Property.  Let’s not mention-that it took them 3 months to figure out they appraised the wrong house…but, what does that matter-now that they foreclosed anyway?  Why must we Realtors adhere to specific timelines, rules and regulations-and the Banks not have to do the same?  It is time to write our Legislators gang-we need to protect our clients’ best interests’!  AND, stop working for FREE!  Agreed?  If so, I urge you to write your Assembly and Senate members…do not delay-we must not let this continue!!!

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