Wendi-Mae Davis, CRS, GRI, SRES

Has been serving her local Communities since 1989!

BRE Lic. # 1061646


First, I truly believe that today’s market gives REALTORS, which are committed to the future, one of the biggest opportunities they have ever had. Not only are other REALTORS dropping out of real estate but the ones remaining are also either in hiding, have limited resources or are just waiting for things to change. There has never been a better time to get branded as the REALTOR Specialist in whatever niche a REALTOR has made themselves the expert.  I know this, having been a sponsor of my own community for more than 4 years now.  Check out HTTP://www.mycameronpark.com  Talk about having a no nonsense way of meeting both residents, and merchants in your Neighborhood.


Secondly, I also believe being a Neighborhood Specialist/ Expert is often overlooked as a strong and powerful niche. The day of “farming” has also returned. Fortunately, most of us have never learned the importance of farming or don’t even know what it is. It worked in the past and can work even better today. I know this to be true, after being a full-time Realtor for over 21 years now.  In fact, to farm an entire community AND turn it into one giant Sphere of Influence can be achieved in ways that could never be reached in the past.


You should checkout “Myonlineneighborhood” at: HTTP://www.myonlineneighborhood.com

THey offer 3 ways for a REALTOR to get in front of their neighborhood.  It has worked for me-and I have always been one to give back to my fellow Realtors-we are Allies in this Business-and the sooner we all understand that-the better.  Here are some options:

1. Be one of a group of Neighborhood REALTORS that are identified as THE Neighborhood REALTORS. ($69.00 a month)

2. Be the exclusive REALTOR representing the entire neighborhood. ($279.00 a month and be able to have 3 co-sponsors to offset costs)
3. Be the Neighborhood Ambassador ($299 a month and receive 75% of all site revenue)


However, Neighborhood Ambassadors are no longer just REALTORS. In fact, in most cases it is not good for we REALTORS as they/we will have to do 2 completely different functions to make it work best. If a neighborhood site is properly managed then all churches, clubs, schools, organizations and residents will use it daily while giving the REALTOR or REALTORS the best exposure they can possibly have to get in front of buyers where they really are, in the neighborhood. And not only will it place you in front of buyers but also BRANDS you as someone with special knowledge about your neighborhood that they wish to buy a home within.


I happen to know first hand-There are very few ways to farm a neighborhood, but farming will brand you as a REALTOR now and in the future. Without being the REALTOR on our brand of neighborhood sites, monthly mail-outs, bench advertising, grocery carts, real estate magazines and newspapers are the only other ways to reach buyers and sellers other than real estate yard signs. Oh, and fell free to contact me about the site yeard signs-Because, I think you and I both know-The REALTOR that has the most signs wins that game!!!!  Respectfully-I hope you find this as intertesting and fun as I have-I have met people I never otherwise would have met in my Community-all because of HTTP://www.mycameronpark.com Check it out! 

Their solution to farming costs much less than any of the previous mentioned methods. In addition, they are the only company that gives we REALTORS a way to have us collect from co-sponsors to offset all marketing expenses.  

If you are a REALTORS that is looking for a way or for ways to be placed in front of buyers and sellers, and IF you are a neighborhood REALTOR, then you can give those same buyers and sellers a reason to choose you as their Real Estate Professional.


Check it out!