Calling All for October 22nd Breast Cancer Walk

Hello there to all my friends family, loved ones and acquaintances! Calling all for October 22nd Breast Cancer Walk. Come out and join Heather’s Avengers! or just donate to the cause. Even if all you can do is share this post that would also be a Blessing.

I’ve known Heather for almost 40 years-her and her story is very important to me. Cancer touches everyone at some point in their lives. We hope to spread awareness and most of all to give HOPE… Thank you for your time and consideration!

Click here to Join Heather’s Avengers!

Author: Wendi-Mae Davis

I love what I do, and truly feel it matters-which is why and how I can be and am so passionate about becoming a partner to my client-when start to finish, of the process to buy or sell their home. There simply isn’t anything better than a smile on the face of a satisfied client…it is what I work for. True satisfaction and peace of mind for each and every person I work with, and for.

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