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Hope it never happens to you…For an information intense Packet on Fire Preparedness-The National Firewise Communities Program provides wildland/Urban interface resources for Firefighter safety, Community Planning, Landscaping, Construction, and maintenance to protect people, their pets, their property-and natural resources from Wildfire.  More information is available from the firewise website at:  www.firewise.org A helpful checklist, and good place to start:

1)  Home ignition Zone-Begin with at least 30 ft of space immediately around the home and extending out as far as 100-200 feet.

2)  Lean, Clean, and Green landscaping-With firewise landscaping, you can create a survivable space around your home that reduces the threat significantly.

3)  Fire-resistant roof construction-self explantory.

4)  Fire resistant attachments-include any structure connected to your home, suck as decks, porches, or fences.  If they are attached and are not fire resistant, then the home as a whole is vulnerable to ignition.ood w/legible & clearly marked

5)  Fire-resistant construction-Wall materials that resist heat and flames include brick, cement, plaster, stucco, and concrete masonry.  Tempered and double-pane glass windows can make a home more resistant to wildfire and flames.  Why? Firebrands (embers) collect in small nooks and crannies and ignite combustible materials…

6) A disaster Plan-The time to plan for any emergency is prior to the event.  Discuss this with your family, and have emergency numbers close by-and in a visible place.  Leave before it is too late.  Decide where you will go, and how you will get there.  Have tools available, such as a shovel, rake, axe, handsaw, or a chainsaw.  Maintain an emergency water source too.  Have plans for your pets, practice family fire drills.

7) Emergency Access-Identify your home and N’hood w/clearly marked streets and names and numbers.  Your driveway should be at least 13 feet wide, with a verticle clearance of 15 feet and a slope no more than 5 percent for emergency vehicles…

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