Merry Christmas!

You know what they say about “the Company You keep?” Grateful to have been able to see my friends, Sarah Woods and Jeff Garcia get an award and “The Key to the City” of Folsom for their efforts of raising enough funds for food to feed more than 5000 Families this Holiday Season AND to […]

Holiday Dinner & Light Show

Check this out! My dear friends Dennis & Julia put on a Holiday Dinner and “lights” partay, not to be missed…Let me just say, I’m glad you get a discount from PGE! Hello!!!! It took me so long to post this, as I had to come out of my sugar coma Sistah! WOWZA! I wish […]

Honoring Our Veterans

The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their Nation.” President George Washington. Discover a special way to honor our troops this year: Raise your Flag, Give […]

Calling All for October 22nd Breast Cancer Walk

Hello there to all my friends family, loved ones and acquaintances! Calling all for October 22nd Breast Cancer Walk. Come out and join Heather’s Avengers! or just donate to the cause. Even if all you can do is share this post that would also be a Blessing. I’ve known Heather for almost 40 years-her and […]

Scholarship for Spouses & Children of Fallen and Wounded Veterans

Honoring their Sacrifice and Educating their Legacy…the thought behind “Folds of Honor”, a Scholarship program for Spouses & Children of Fallen and Wounded Veterans. I had the pleasure of hearing Major Ed Pulido, U.S. Army (Ret.) speak at a conference yesterday in Cameron Park. What an inspiration he is. Major Ed Pulido is the Senior […]

For Our Veterans

I have been an advocate for helping Military Service Personnel/Veterans for many years now…with this in mind-I am constantly searching for Deals, Services, and “giveaways” so to speak, that will benefit them…many, I have found, don’t have any idea of just how many services, and such that do exist-for FREE. I just read today, that […]

Volunteer in YOUR Community

Supervisor John Hidahl of District 1 for El Dorado County has recently organized a group called the “El Dorado Hills Community Council”…EDHCC or “the Council” was established to be an advisory group to the Supervisor himself. Its purpose is to encourage citizen participation in the planning processes, provide local forums to develope, propose and review […]

Recycling Centers are Still Around

Was asked this question today-and thought it was worth sharing-with the Sun FINALLY out-and Daylight Savings Time upon us this weekend…Spring Cleaning of our homes is also upon us. The question you ask? Are recycling Redemption Centers still around? Yes they are! While some of us use these centers regularly-for those that haven’t ever used […]

Please Help

Good morning to all! Herve’ is a tireless supporter of Veteran/ Military families…just a couple of things he does is to help guide families through funeral processions…and also is a member of the “Patriot Riders” who never miss an opportunity to greet a Veteran upon their return from deployment…he won’t be able to do this […]