The Women’s fund of El Dorado is celebrating…

The “Women’s’ Fund of El Dorado” is celebrating a decade of Giving…I was so honored when I was invited to attend their first Forum of the year, last evening, when we discussed-“Determining and Measuring the Needs of our Community in 2017”. Such an awesome group of close to 500 members, all local Area residents. Another […]

Swimming Pool Fun

Nothing like a day with the kiddos and dogies! This is what life is all about! Cute ‘eh?

Pizza Party

OH MY! Home Made Pizza! Good friends here in Cameron Park-showed me the works-and fed me beyond the FULL point! Just can’t say no to pizza!!!! Thank you Katie for trying our your new Cuisinart Pizza Oven, on me!

Fun in Tahoe

What a great day in Tahoe yesterday-some much needed R & R-look at these crazy folk we met-and NO didn’t know them before today-crazy peeps! hahaha

911 may not be the best number to call!

911 May not be the best number to call! Do you know if your City or County has a different number for emergencies? Wanted to be sure the information I posted last week was updated and all that responded have all info. possible-AND that you read a response that came through from a citizen who […]

Yes you can afford to buy a home!

I Just spoke to someone today-tired of having their Landlord raise their rent-wouldn’t you like to be the Landlord some day? No, it isn’t even about that…You can afford to buy a home! and you just need to know that… – Rents are projected to increase ANOTHER 5-7%, by the end of Spring early Summer […]


As a member of both the Folsom And Roseville Aerie’s I have the opportunity to meet many wonderful people who love to volunteer and just get out there help people in their community-here is a pic of our newest Members of Folsom Eagle’s! IF you have some spare time on your hands and want to […]

The Best Carpet Cleaner in Town

Allrighty then Folks! I have found the BEST CARPET CLEANER IN TOWN! you owe it to yourself to try Gordon Newhouse of Newhouse Carpet Cleaning co.! And be sure to ask him about his new client pricing-phenominal! I have 3 animals and a VERY active household environment…let’s just say, I should get my carpets cleaned […]

The Bag Lady – A fabulous store in downtown Folsom

Look what I recently found! …at a fabulous store in downtown Folsom “The Bag Lady”-has more than purses and clothes! THEN as I stumbled on the pieces of Art in the back of her store-I see this gorgeous bird house!!!! HAD TO HAVE IT! in walks in the Artists wife! Just met her recently as […]