Retire Comfortably with Extra Cash in the Bank! Prop 90 is it!

Retire comfortably with extra cash in the bank! Prop 90 is the answer! There is still time to do so, in El Dorado County! This may be all you need to know, to Secure your Financial Future! However, unfortunately, this is a LIMITED TIME OPPORTUNITY… Deadline is November 7th, 2018. Wouldn’t you like to live […]

Prop 90 will Sunset on November 8, 2018

Supervisors Hidal, Frentzen, Rinali an Veerkamp voted to end it. Supervisor Novasel was the only one who understood the need to continue for 2 more years and was the only one to vote no. We thank Supervisor Novasel for her efforts. State Propositions are 5 year Propositions for a reason… Unfortunately the Board just doesn’t […]

A Beautiful Place to Live

Look at this…what a beautiful picture, right? This is where I live…well, really close by 🙂 Don’t you want to live here too? I can help make that happen! Let’s get out on the water! Have a Blessed day y’all-and most superb weekend too!

Calling all Military Veterans

We have one heck of a deal for YOU! First, it was No money down-as it should be!!! NOW, it is also, NO funding fee for your loan! Land Home Financial has waived the upfront funding fee, and are not charging any fees associated with setting up your loan either! An additional $1500.00 savings. Accompany […]

Hilarious… but Reality in the Housing Market

This is hilarious…though, unfortunately, not too far from the truth-our reality in the Housing market today-and not just in San Diego County either…this is happening right here in our fine County too. The Millenniums make up about 1/3 of all Prospective Home Buyers today-check this out… California Home Buying

Prop 90 – Be in the Know

Be in the know! Prop 90 in El Dorado County is up for review, in September of this year… I met with other Board liasons, of the El Dorado County Supervisors this week, and as is often the case with each County-they are taking a long hard look at the budget….AGAIN. With that in mind-Prop […]

Legislative Day in Sacramento

Lobbying our Legislators today, and doing our part to protect Private Property Rights…met with Governor Jerry Brown this morning-and made our views known at the Capitol! Organized Real Estate is where it’s at! We need to urge our Senators and Assembly Members to support Legislation that increases the supply of Housing-examples: AB 352, AB 494, […]

Tax Reform

REALTORS TAKE THEIR BIPARTISAN AGENDA TO WASHINGTON IN MAY TAX REFORM-HOUSING FINANCE REFORM-HEALTH INSURANCE REFORM-FLOOD INSURANCE REAUTHORIZATION AND DEREGULATION In the US House, lawmakers are considering the outlines of a “blueprint” to overhaul the tax code. Although the blueprint leaves the mortgage interest deduction in place, many homeowners would lose the incentive to take it […]

It’s Been 30 Years…

I can’t believe 30 years already!! Yes I just turned 30 today! 🙂 If only that was true 🙂 …No, A different Milestone this time…I just celebrated my 30th year as a Realtor-and couldn’t have made it this far, if it wasn’t for all of YOU! Thank you Bobbie, Marie, Christina, Kim, Sean, Susan, Christine, […]

Consider Moving to El Dorado County

My heart goes out to those who are on order to evacuate from their homes, due to the recent flooding in San Jose/Santa Clara County. I lived in San Jose from 1988 until I moved in 2001… I left, primarily because I had finally had enough of all the traffic-the day I was beeped at-while […]