Your Vote, Does make a difference…now, maybe-more than ever!

You know what they say-if you don’t do your part…keep quiet later!  Your vote-it DOES make a difference  I don’t remember who said this, or where I heard it first- Eventhough You may not take an interest in politics-that doesn’t mean Politics won’t take an interest in you!!! So, do your part-and get out there! […]

Real Estate Stats in your area. June Quarter end news…El Dorado County and beyond.

My first video blogpost! Though I cannot take the credit for filming it myself-it sure was worth passing on.  Check this out, for June Quarter end Stats in your area-and a little bit more… Look for more video blogs in the near future, on subjects including-but not limited to:  “First-Time buyer Do’s and Don’ts, […]

Close the Tap on Water waste!

Yeah, I know-I blog alot on “Green Subjects” and on conservation-in general…I just feel these things can’t be ignored.  There are some Actions you too, can take to practice sensible, year-round water conservation-check it out: -Water outside, only when necessary -Sweep, don’t wash paved areas -Repair leaky faucets-you will be amazed how much water you […]

Voting in El Dorado County-Who should replace Barbara Boxer??

I have been to many town hall meetings lately…glad to finally see a few more of our County residents gettin out to make it to these important meetings.  THis past Wednesday, ,more than 600 of us convened at Oak Ridge high to hear what a few of the Politicians had to say….Carly sure gave the […]

Is this a Bank of America Short Sale? Or a BLOODY nightmare?

Someone has to do something about some of these Lenders that have no clue how to get a home sold!!!  I am on month number 9 with B of A, and a first time buyer…the poor soul.  They first appraised the wrong house…how the heck does that happen?  Then they went ahead and approved the HUD statement…eventhough, […]

Over 55 years of age? Proposition 90 IS coming to El Dorado county-Part 2

  OVER 55? CALIFORNIA PROPERTY TAX RELIEF Since its passage, Proposition 13 prohibits property tax increases until property ownership is changed. If either spouse is over age 55 (when the old home is sold), PROP 60 allows replacement of a primary residence with a new home of equal or lesser value (but see below) within […]