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Yeah, I know-I blog alot on “Green Subjects” and on conservation-in general…I just feel these things can’t be ignored.  There are some Actions you too, can take to practice sensible, year-round water conservation-check it out:

-Water outside, only when necessary

-Sweep, don’t wash paved areas

-Repair leaky faucets-you will be amazed how much water you will save

Water saver Home

-Don’t dawdle in the Shower.

-Wash when your dishwasher and clothes washer are full-ONLY.

-Don’t run water while brushing teeth, shaving, peeling vegetables, or washing dishes by hand.

The California Urban Water Conservation Council’s website contains tips for maintenance, leak detection, and repair, along with loads of useful facts and cost-benefit analysis.  To find out more, head to their website at HTTP://www/h2house.org/action  Take action today!

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