Wendi-Mae Davis, CRS, GRI, SRES

Has been serving her local Communities since 1989!

BRE Lic. # 1061646

What does the Drought mean to you If you live in El Dorado County? If you are on a Meter-you received a call recently from the El Dorado Irrigation District office…about the drought.  We will soon find out how the Board of Directors has voted, in regard to a rate hike…You could be, and likely will be paying more for your water after next month’s vote! This is if all their customers do not reduce use by 15% or more…So don’t be surprised when you get your April bill!

How else do you think this drought will affect us all?

California Water Use-it varies widely across the State


I recently had to drain my spa…I guess it is time to buy a new cover-since the rain seems to have found a way to seep through…causing the water to go rancid…feeling guilty about the thought of re-filling it…better to save the water for the lawn that is about to die!  

Hummm…or get rid of my lawn altogether?