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Some things you can do, that cost little to no money-AND over time, will actually save you lots of cash:

 -If you have a home office-buy an “All-in-one” FAX, Scanner, and Copier…saves A LOT of energy, and costs you less to operate.

-When you go to bed at night, or out of town-or even during the day when not using your TV or VCR-turn off the power strip…keep in mind, when your appliances are off, but still plugged in-they pull and use power.  This will save you anywhere from $60.-$100. a year on your Electric bill.

-Recycling, in general, is huge.  It is so much better to buy a re-usable beverage bottle-than to buy bottled water…just think of how much you will save-using filtered water, over buying bottled water.

-Turn up the air conditioner thermostat.

-Change filters often.  Every 3-6 months is recommended.

-Plant trees on the South and West sides of the home to provide shade and reduce interior temperatures.

-Landscape with drought-resistant or indigenous plants, which retain more water.

-Add motion sensor lights, to save electricity.

-Install a gas fireplace in an addition, such as a den or sunroom, which will extend heat to that room.

-Replace appliances with Energy Star-rated versions. They exceed Government energy-efficiency standards by 10-25%.  The Fed’s still have rebate programs in effect-paid to you through a Tax rebate. 

-Invest in new, more energy efficient heating and cooling systems.  Now here is where you will save a bundle on evergy charges…

-Paint your home’s exterior a light color-as darker colors retain more heat.

-Plug up air leaks, which are equivalent of leaving a window open all year.

This can save up to 10% of your energy bill.

-Install double-glazed windows with low-emisson glass, which allow maximum light while keeping out heat and cold.

-When replacing roofing, install light-colored shingles made of material or tile to reflect heat.

-Add insulation in walls. 

This is just a start!  For Energy Star rated Appliances/Information, check out  http://www.energystar.gov/index.cfm?c=bldrs_lenders_raters.nh_features

Feel free to email me-should you like more information or links to helpful energy saving “GREEN” websites!  or check out my personal webite at:  HTTP://www.wendimae.com

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