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The savings to you-when you take a few easy steps to be GREEN-are a plenty!  We need to learn not to use our resources in such a way that they become depleted for future generations.  One truth-up to 30%, on average, of our home’s heating and air is wasted.  THis being said, I know-being a Realtor, there is alot I can do to help my clients save money, and make a difference to their environment-each and every day.  Here is a start-these are some of the best websites I have researched, thus far:

HTTP://www.Energystar.gov which offers guidelines for energy audits and managment, green constriction, and rebates.

HTTP://www.FYPower.org You can enter a zipcode and also search for local rebates, energy audits, etc.

HTTP://www.CHEERS.org which stands or the California Home Energy Efficiency Rating Services-Rates and certifies home builders on energy-efficient construction.

HTTP://www.GREEN.CAR.org Provides information to homeowners, Realtors, and the general public on how to “green” their living spaces.

HTTP://www.easyecoblog.com/470/ways-to-save-energy-money-on-your-energy-bill Will provide Hundreds of ways to save money and energy.

Let’s all make a change.  Wendi-Mae Davis, CRS, GRI, Broker Associate for Connect Realty.com, INC

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The easy way to be GREEN