BRE Lic# 01061646

It was early October, 1988… and it all started by accident, a terrible car accident that my mother was in- when she was told she would never be able to walk normally, on her own, again…

Long story short, a Chiropractor was instrumental in my mother’s recovery, in which she did regain all her strength and ability to walk… through her journey, I found that I wanted to become a Chiropractor, myself. Thinking of how the heck I would pay the initial $125,000 tuition of Palmer Chiropractic… with the Job and want ads in hand and the TV on… a Century 21 commercial aired right when an Open House Ad also came to my Eye… I thought-I CAN DO THIS! I’m going to be a REALTOR!!! YEAH!

Seemed like a prompting from above… and the rest is history. Clearly, I never became a Chiropractor. Passed the RE exam just 6 months later… Today, 30 years into my career, it is my pleasure to serve my Community… Each and every day, I am so grateful for what I have the opportunity and ability to do for others. I have lived here and served my 3-County Area for almost 18 years, since 2001.

I am passionate about my part in the Real Estate Transaction. I quickly realized that it is job to identify potential pitfalls up front, and to create opportunities each and every day for my clients. My goal is to provide True peace of mind for each and every person I work for. That is what I do… I will exceed your expectations.

Outside of the decision to get married, or to have children-to buy or sell a home is one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime, and I am honored to partner with you in the process!

Meet Wendi-Mae