Now is the time to buy! What are you waiting for?

Check out these numbers!  Home affordability in California drops another 2% in the last quater from 53% to 51% says the California Association of Realtors.  Remember the high prices in 2005?  Then, only 14% of the population in California could afford to buy a median priced single family Home…


Don’t wait for that so called “shadow inventory” to hit the market…there is no such thing.  75% of the home owners who are in defailt on their Mortgages-have gone in to default, because they were forced by their lender to do so-in order to qualify for a loan modification…those homes never will reach the Short Sale or Foreclosure markets-so what are you waiting for?

For stats and Foreclosure information for your specific area or neighborhood, call your Foreclosure expert…me!



Author: Wendi-Mae Davis

I love what I do, and truly feel it matters-which is why and how I can be and am so passionate about becoming a partner to my client-when start to finish, of the process to buy or sell their home. There simply isn’t anything better than a smile on the face of a satisfied client…it is what I work for. True satisfaction and peace of mind for each and every person I work with, and for.

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