Prop 90 – Be in the Know

Be in the know! Prop 90 in El Dorado County is up for review, in September of this year…
I met with other Board liasons, of the El Dorado County Supervisors this week, and as is often the case with each County-they are taking a long hard look at the budget….AGAIN.

With that in mind-Prop 90 is “up for review”…this is not good news. The vote, to begin with-was a narrow one, of 2 to 3-to keep Prop 90 “alive”, this past September.

That being said-this September, (date not yet set) they will review what the costs of the program have been to the County-what they have “lost” in Property Tax revenue, etc. There is a chance they will vote to not continue allowing the Transfer of your Property Tax Base.

My partners and I are devoted to doing all we can to lobby as hard as we did in 2011 to get the Proposition adopted, and also when we helped to get the initiative extended, last year. This is going to be an ongoing fight. The Board made it very clear at this meeting that they will address the issue every September, going forward, until 2021.

Stay in touch-and mark your calendars to check in with me at the beginning of September! We are going to need all the help we can get at this hearing!! Hoping we can all walk away with our thumbs up-meaning Prop 90 survives another vote!

Author: Wendi-Mae Davis

I love what I do, and truly feel it matters-which is why and how I can be and am so passionate about becoming a partner to my client-when start to finish, of the process to buy or sell their home. There simply isn’t anything better than a smile on the face of a satisfied client…it is what I work for. True satisfaction and peace of mind for each and every person I work with, and for.

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