Wendi-Mae Davis, CRS, GRI, SRES

Has been serving her local Communities since 1989!

BRE Lic. # 1061646

Just spoke to someone today-tired of having their Landlord raise their rent-wouldn’t you like to be the Landlord some day? No, it isn’t even about that…

– Rents are projected to increase ANOTHER 5-7%, by the end of Spring early Summer this year..depending on where you live…it is time to check into buying and paying yourself instead of your landlord, call me to connect You with a Mortgage Advisor that will help you plan the steps to home ownership.

You may just be surprised, just as the gentleman I spoke to today thought, “I can’t afford a home!”-HE WAS WRONG! We found him a 3% down loan, and a buyer credit program to boot! THEY DO EXIST! It has taken the lending institutions a long time to lighten up on their criteria-however, they finally have. You owe it to yourself, and it doesn’t cost you-to just make a call and find out-can you buy too?

– Buy a home with Less than 20% down, Yes, REALLY! as little as 3%-depending on your credit-and overall employment situation. Even if you aren’t ready now-find out what you need to do-start taking the steps now, it is NEVER too late!

Rents are going up, now is the time to buy. Call me today to move in by Spring. Yep, it IS POSSIBLE-come on now-the glass really IS 1/2 FULL!

– Time for a change, Call or email me Today and find out how to make one of the most important decisions in your life-respectfully…916-616-0874, or 530-676-4447 or 866-333-6333 wendimae@wendimae.com will also get you there.

Something I read today, in the Business journal-though it applies to our entire 3 County Area…Make the move…today!