Congratulations First Time Homeowners

Congratulations Jason and Aisa on your FIRST home!! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it all! Yet another Bay Area family makes the move our way!

Let the Games Begin

Just put up new dart board! yay! and they think they are going to actually win! hahah-best part about this-they don’t know I am a competition player! My dear, once client, NOW friend-gave me my first set of darts-Meri Meinert-I LOVE YOU! I will share my winnings with you-oh wait IRS…hummm…playing for FOOD only!

Congrats Honey

My Honey Bought a Town Home In Cameron Park earlier this month-and it closes escrow today! Congrats sweet pea! Man…you sure were picky! hahahaha! But you got just want you wanted yay!

One More Happy Buyer

Just one more smart purchase from a Buyer, NOW FRIEND out here from the Bay Area!!! 🙂 Happy investor of a Gorgeous home built in 1905, in Downtown Sac! Closes tomorrow! WOOOHOOO! Way to go Danny and Heather! SO great to work with and for you-I am Blessed to now be able to call you, […]

Another Happy Relocation

Another Happy ( AND VERY SMART FAMILY) relocated to our Fine County from the Bay Area! Their Rent was increased $500.00 bucks-and they said forget that! NOW they are paying less to own than they were to rent each month! Yay to the Contrares’ Family! I look forward to a continuing friendship y’all-let me know […]

Successful Investors

Ashok & Kavita have just bought their 3rd investment property through me! Closing today! Congratulations to this smart duo-who pulled their money out of the stock market-said no more of that! And now get to realize the appreciation of yet another property in El Dorado Hills! Why buy just one?

Congratulations New Homeowners

Congratulations to Adam & Jillian! Happy owners of this Beautiful home in Rocklin-Lucky duo, first time buyers and they found a home right on the Golf Course!

From Client to Friend..

What a way to spend an afternoon! My dear friend Jan, a most happy home owner in Carmichael called to ask for some help giving these gorgeous pups some LOVE…how could I say no to that invite! look at how cute these 10 pups are! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m inviting myself back over this weekend […]