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Many of us set ourselves up each year with resolutions.  Work out more, eat less…you know the drill.  Why not resolve to keep your home healthier this year too, with this seasonal checklist:


Spring time-Clean your gutters.  Backed-up gutters can wreak havoc on siding and cause flooding.  Scoop out leaves and debris with a trowel or hire a professional to do it.  Check your roof.  Wintery weather may have damaged the surface, and the first big rainstorm, left unchecked, could cause significant problems.  Replace shingles as needed.  If your fireplace got a workout during the winter months, give it a clean sweep.  Best to call in the experts to inspect and clean creosote buildup.

Summer-Walk around your house to check for unsealed spots where squirrels or mice could sneak in.  Look carefully for termites or ants too.  Inside check your attic and make sure egess points are sealed tightly.  Get ready for the warm season by giving any outdoor equipment (pools, swing sets, etc.) a thorough, top to bottom cleaning.

Fall-Ensure your furnace is in prime shape for he cold months ahead, and change all he air filters in your home.  Make sure your home is adequately sealed.  Apply weather stripping (such as tape, felt, foam, or vinyl tubing) around doors and windows.  Trim branches near your home or roof to prevent damage when wintery weather hits.

Winter-Drain and insulate outdoor pipes to prevent freezing.  Check for damaged sidewalk, driveway or stairs, and repair them before the first snow to avoid damaged mishaps.


This is all-so important, to avoid costly repairs from not keeping things “tuned up”-trust me, I’ve learned my lesson-hence, I share some of these points-to keep you from the expense I incurred this year-from “letting things go”-if I left something off this list, don’t be shy-let me know!

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