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September 12, 2009 – Cameron Park- Despite a few flashes of lightning and the looming

threat of rain, 59 dogs made history in Cameron Park last weekend, being the first dogs ever

permitted to play in Cameron Park Lake.

Pooch Plunge & Laps at the Lake

This was the place to be last Saturday if you were a dog. Dogs enjoying the Lake...The The event,

sponsored by El Dorado Dog Owners Guild (EDDOG) and the Cameron Park Community

Services District (CSD), was a fundraiser for the fenced-in off-leash dog park currently in

development at Hacienda Park on Cameron Park Drive.Our Architect and Premiere sponsor for the park

“Of course the dogs couldn’t have cared less about the weather. They were here to chase balls,

get wet, make friends…basically have the dog-equivalent of a day at Chuck E. Cheese’s,” said

Karen Ellis, Secretary of El Dorado Dog Owners Guild (EDDOG), primary sponsor of the Pooch

Plunge event.

“We are indebted to the Cameron Park CSD for allowing us to host what we hope is to become

an annual tradition at Cameron Park Lake,” said Ellis.Gary Ellis-making sure the dogs could swim :)

Cameron Park Lake is scheduled for its annual draining and cleaning later this month, and Pooch

Plunge was the last public event of the season.

“If the dogs’ enthusiasm today was any indicator, I’m hoping it won’t be hard to rally people to

get involved so we can get our dog parks built,” said Gary Ellis, EDDOG Vice President.

Not only was Pooch Plunge a social gathering for both dogs and their people, but thanks to

veterinarian Dr. Sara Nadolski of Cameron Park Veterinary Hospital, and the El Dorado County

and City of Folsom Animal Services departments, dog owners could vaccinate, micro-chip and

license their dogs.


Enhancing the quality of life for dogs and their owners in El Dorado County

“Our vision for the dog parks goes beyond just being places for recreation,” said EDDOG

President Holly Morrison. “We also want to help bring dog-related services and education to our

community so we can become a more dog-friendly place to live,” she said.

Bark Avenue, a pet boutique located in El Dorado Hills and a representative from Nature’s

Variety Pet Food were on hand with free food samples and dog nutrition expertise. Local Fetch

Pet Care owner enlisted her son and fellow Boy Scouts to manage “poop patrol”.

“Even though we had hoped for more attendees, the people and dogs that were there had a blast.

It was great watching the dogs play in the water,” said Chris Wagner, owner of Waggy’s Pet

Sitting and EDDOG volunteer. “I’m sure the word will get around and the event will be much

bigger next year,” she said.

“Today was a great example of what could be in terms of dog parks in our community,” said

Ann King, dog trainer and EDDOG board member. “Although dog parks sometimes get a bad

rap, and clearly that’s a dog-owner problem, today I saw a group of people who didn’t all know

each other but who worked together to have a good time and provide invaluable social

experience for their dogs,” said King. “Not to mention, some much-needed exercise from the

looks of it. These dog owners will have a peaceful night with their tired dogs,” she said.

The event generated $391 to be put toward the dog park at Hacienda, which is estimated to cost

approximately $40K.

EDDOG will be at Woofstock, one of the area’s largest events for dogs and their people on

Sunday, October 4 at the El Dorado Hills CSD to generate enthusiasm and raise funds for the

dog park slated for development in North Community Park in El Dorado Hills.

Anyone interested in volunteering or donating to EDDOG should visit www.EDDOG.org or

email info@EDDOG.org or contact Me…Wendi-Mae Davis, Logistics Director of EDDOG, Resident Realtor of Cameron Park.  Toll Free 866-333-6333 or check out our Community website for more information HTTP://www.mycameronpark.com or my personal website HTTP://www.wendimae.com you can even email me at wendimae@wendimae.com I’d love to hear from you!