Tips for the Military Veteran in Need

How to Get your offer Accepted and receive gifts for doing so! Tips for the Military Veteran in Need “ By MFSG Volunteer Wendi-Mae Davis Wendi-Mae, A Broker Associate of Future Homes & Real Estate, shares a tidbit of what she always suggests to her Home buying clients and what she does for them, when […]

How do I increase my FICO score?

Increasing your FICO score can can lower your interest rate on your Mortgage, bank and car loans, and also can improve or cut your insurance premiums!  How do I increase my FICO score you ask? It is easier than you think!  Here’s how to do it… First-pay all your bills on time!  Then-just as important […]

Location is EVERYTHING…They say, and They are right!

Location is everything they say, and they are right! Take a look at the Sunset from this Quiet, Serene, Court location atop the Hills of Cameron Park! No “front door” OR “back door” neighbors! SO Private! Panoramic Views…Build to suit. A steal at this price, of only $125,000 for just under 3/4 Acre… 3417 Surry […]

Is a Mortgage Refinance Right For You?

  Well…Is a mortgage refinance right for you? With rates for 30-year mortgages hovering below 4 percent since last October, all kinds of homeowners are trying to get their monthly mortgages reduced, say lenders and mortgage experts. Along with months of record-breaking low interest rates, other factors are driving the refinancing boom: a competitive lending […]

Adjustable Rate Mortgage VS. Fixed Rate Mortgage-what’s Best for you

Adjustable Rate Mortgage VS. Fixed Rate Mortgage-what is best for you? When an adjustable-rate mortgage makes sense When the housing market began declining, many people claimed that adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) were the cause. However, recently they’ve been making a comeback, especially among affluent borrowers. Making sense of the story… An ARM offers an introductory period […]

Renting VS. Owning a home in El Dorado County

      Renting Vs. Owning a home in El Dorado County, or anywhere in our Three County area, one question you’ve probably asked yourself is   “Can I afford to buy a home?” Perhaps a better question to ask is, “Can I afford to rent?” With prices and interest rates so low, now is […]

Now is the time to buy! What are you waiting for?

Check out these numbers!  Home affordability in California drops another 2% in the last quater from 53% to 51% says the California Association of Realtors.  Remember the high prices in 2005?  Then, only 14% of the population in California could afford to buy a median priced single family Home… Don’t wait for that so called […]

Proposition 90-People are moving to El Dorado County! Good move!

 I was one of a small group of Realtors from the El Dorado County Association of Realtors that lead the crusade…and finally were successful in bringing Prop 90 to our fine County!  What a difference it is making for many Retirees… Housing prices are fabulous, and interest rates are too!  Call me for an application-today, […]

One of the Pitfalls of buying A Bank Owned Property…

Are we going to be able to buy this home or not? That is what my last buyer had to ask, after already spending $1000.00 on two appraisals… In my previous experience, this only happened with FHA or other Government loans such as VA or also USDA loans…but, in this case, even my “Conventional” buyer […]

Are we going to get this FHA loan, or not? Could depend on Appraiser!

Are we Going to get the FHA loan, or not?  Could Depend on the Appraiser! Actually, in my experience, it isn’t just the FHA…even my “Conventional” buyer that had more than 20% down-had some repairs called in the Appraisal-that caused her to have to walk away from the sale…that was because she was buyinig an […]